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Monday, July 11, 2022

Middle Age Conversion Testimony from Liberalism to Conservatism

 Lately, I have been preoccupied with my mortality and a constant challenge of understanding the world and my future insignificance as a soon to be extinct human being. My inevitable disappearing act brought about my now significant sobering view that NOW is the time to DO WHAT I NEED TO DO AND BELIVE WHAT I BELIEVE while still here. This blog will serve to record what I WANT TO SAY about this complex world from a conservative perspective. 

One trait that led to this recent conversion is my habit of self-examination. I wish I had immediately been this reflective particularly more consistently in my understanding of time and how deeply we can abuse the grace of time. Truth be told no one knows how long we have in this life experience, and I can recall times in my life when I just took advantage of life and really didn't care "how long things took". My ex-wife called this the "manana syndrome" (tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow).

So, here's the point of this introductory post. In short, I came to the conclusion that what we need as a society is a good old fashioned political enema. I realized that within me is a strong seed of conservatism and if I'm being honest a repeating mantra stating, "When you want something in life work your ass off to get it and don't depend on someone to make it easier or give it to you" Without making this an economic driven post I will simply say that the liberal agenda has errored and continues to do so in the area of "spend. spend, spend" and this mindset is what has caused fiscal disaster on every level including that outdated fiscal practice we middle agers did when we'd put items on a layaway only to purchase when we had enough money to do so. 

So, enjoy my blog and please know that one of our greatest rights as Americans is our freedom of speech. Unlike barbaric countries whose governments denounce that freedom and will sentence their disobedient citizenry with a thousand lashes for publicly speaking out against their oppressive government or cutting off a hand when a thief is caught "thieving", such consequences don't apply to this American, and I look forward to freely expressing my new "Conservative" opinions while alive to do so. 


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