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Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Why was Cassidy Hutchinson a big deal?

When Cassidy Hutchinson publicly testified this past June, she rocked the public with firsthand accounts of a chaotic, unstable administration whose master conductor elevated his followers' emotional angst to storm and vandalize our nations' US Capitol on January 6th. 

What was clearer after her testimony was that former President Donald Trump, albeit revered and worshipped by his faithful rally attendees simply did not care about the potential dangers that would soon manifest at the US Capitol if his weapon possessing attendees didn't have their weapons confiscated by security before they marched to the capitol. In other words, as Hutchinson testified Trump didn't give a shit because his crowd of devotees were not there to HURT HIM so why bother? Let them have their weapons. 

It's this level of callousness and pseudo sociopathic behavior that I always felt made Donald Trump a threat to our country. I never wanted Trump as president. I think he's very effective at deception and at the end of the day he's a trust fund baby with a history of massive business failings, lack of book smart intelligence, and borderline cave man-like butcher of the English language. However, he's a shark and very astute in using his reputation and acting skills to sell a point. He's like a political version of an effective cult leader or televangelist stirring the emotions of those naive and desperate enough to overlook the obvious red flags. 

The reason Cassidy Hutchinson was rushed to testify was because the Trump cartel was trying to intimidate her to loyalty with a not-so-subtle mafia-like plea of "We know you're loyal and we'll be watching you" 

It was this that prompted Ms. Hutchinson to speed up her testimony, and what a bombshell it was. 

I was not surprised when I heard the details of how Trump behaved the day of that rally. He had lost the election and the walls were closing in fast. Hutchinson's testimony solidified for me that Trump is a very deranged person when he WANTS SOMETHING. It's as if all reason goes out the window and he'll go to any extent to get what he wants, period.  What was revealed in Ms. Hutchinson's testimony was that he was willing to let innocent Americans suffer person injury, even death to get the spectacle he desired. And for what purpose? No court supported his claims of voter fraud. The rally attendees were not there to hurt HIM, Mike Pence was not loyal, and deserved to be hung, so why go to the US Capitol? 

I suspect he wanted to go to show that he was not going to go down without a fight. Trump needed to "sell his lie about voter fraud" so if he joins his followers at the US Capitol it sells to his fans that he REALLY WAS a victim of voter fraud, and it makes the headlines in a BIG WAY, etching him in history unlike any other president. It was ALL FOR HIS LEGACY. Donald Trump LOVES ATTENTION. 

But and this is my biggest fear of Donald Trump. At what cost?

Cassidy Hutchinson testified that the White House legal counsel was adamant with secret service that Donald Trump under no circumstances go to the US Capitol. Aside from Trump's wishes there was this little thing called legal accountability. Going to the capitol COULD incriminate ALL those in the Trump's inner circle for all that would later ensue. It's like that person who drives that other person who then decides to rob a convenience store. Well, kind of. But you get the drift. 

Ms. Hutchinson also testified that when Trump's Secret Service agent refused to take him to the Capitol he lunged for the steering wheel and tried to chock the Secret Service agent exclaiming "I'm the effing president!"

What made Cassidy Hutchinson's testimony a big deal was that she was someone who couldn't be dismissed due to her position in the White House, her demeanor and age, and willingness to "gently throw all those key Trump players under the bus" Here was a young woman who really appeared to NOT go along with the insanity of the ticking bomb aura of Trump's administration in the last days. Ironically it would take a young intern who didn't even have enough money to pay for her legal defense during her last deposition to step up and TELL THE TRUTH. 

No matter what was testified and what transpired on January 6th both at the rally and later at the Capitol, Trump followers will eternally cry conspiracy, lies, no harm no foul, but at the end of the day Hutchinson's testimony will go down as the most damaging inside look at how Donald Trump would callously dismiss ALL concerns for those other than himself and even QANON conspiracists won't be able to write her off or dismiss her testimony, but they'll certainly try. 

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