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Monday, July 11, 2022

Ron DeSantis vs Gavin Newsome in 2024?

 California Governor Gavin Newsome may possibly have his eyes set on the presidency in 2024 as evidenced by an attack ad he recently launched against Ron DeSantis. As a former voting Democrat, I often lashed out at Ron DeSantis (Florida's governor), particularly against his position on Covid and his decisions on what I thought were premature lifting of mask wearing restrictions, non-lockdowns, etc.  

But now Newsome is hinting he may run in 2024 for president by releasing a "way too early campaign-like video" touting California and attempting to lure Floridian voters to the polls and vote for him and his version of "America" in 2024. What's obvious after viewing this short video is that Newsome has nothing to really tout that's working in California, so he attacks the Republican party, particularly Ron DeSantis. 

So, does Ron DeSantis have anything to worry about? 

The simple answer is a resounding "hell no" 

The fact that Newsome is focusing on DeSantis at all a full two years before our next national election is very telling, and very desperate. If a poll were taken nationally asking "Do you want to live in California or Florida? Florida would probably win. No contest. 

Ron DeSantis may very well run in 2024 and this recent ad by Gavin Newsome has done less harm for Ron DeSantis and more harm for himself. 

Watch the ad and judge for yourself.

Select below 

 Ad by Gavin Newsome

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